Obligatory Minecraft Birthday Party!

In this age, no craft blog is complete without the obligatory Minecraft Birthday party post and my child did not disappoint! She wanted (and got) a Minecraft party this past November.
Most of these decos are super easy to make and can be found as free printables online- Just google Free Minecraft Printables.
My daughter wanted a Ghast pinata, so that was from scratch, idea-wise. The Pinata was premade but started its life looking like a present.
I bought it at Walmart and stripped it down to the bare box. I recovered it with silver tissue paper.
Then cut sheet of silver tissue into 5 inch wide strips and fold in half. Cut into a fringe. Once you have a lot of the fringe strips cut, using glue, start wrapping them around the pinata form, starting from the bottom and layering them halfway over each layer. Cover entire pinata like this until it looks like this –

Cut approximately 10 trips of silver tissue paper 3 feet long and glue to the bottom of the box to look like the Ghast’s “tentacles”
I printed the Ghast face out on a color printer and cut it out using regular paper, but If I were to do it again, I would have used cardstock.
Make sure when you are covering the box you are careful not to close off the opening for stuffing the pinata! This one was a huge hit! (ha! hit- pinata!! See what I did there??)
 IMG_0118    IMG_0117
For my signs and invitations, I used a PSD Miinecraft background I found online and made all the signs on picmonkey.com. I downloaded a Minecraft font from Da Font, a free font site. I used that format for all my signs then also searched an found certain MC characters and icons for all the signs.
IMG_8306                 IMG_8305 IMG_8304                      IMG_8303 IMG_8302 IMG_8301 IMG_8300 IMG_8299 IMG_8298 IMG_8296 IMG_8295 IMG_8294 IMG_8293
The cake. Ah… the bane of my birthdays..sometimes.  We searched for moths to find exactly what she wanted. It was different everyday..then I convinced her for a true Minecraft party she had to have a Minecraft Cake cake. She finally relented and said yes. YAY!!!
Here is the cake I found online –
Looks fairly easy, right? Yah. Ok. I have found, over the years, that I make lovely cakes for other people but when I am making my own child’s cake all that can go wrong does go wrong.  Here is my finished Minecraft Cake cake. It’s not awful but I was displeased with the finished product for sure.
Meh. Not awful but not my best. Altogether, the party was a big hit and much fun was had by all.
This was pretty easy to put together- most of the ideas are online and free or cheap to make or mimic. This one is rated as beginner!

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