Cash Wreath

These cash wreathes make the PERFECT gift. There is NO WAY to lose giving one of these wreathes! They have a lot to offer ($$CASH$$) and serve as home decor or a memento of the special day!! I am including step by step photos of 3 wreathes in 2 different styles.

For this project you will need:

Wreath form – foam or straw are really the best options.

Burlap (or whatever you want to wrap the wreath in)

Contrasting ribbon or fabric

Cash- I prefer to use $1 and $2 bills – for weddings I like to use $2 to symbolize 2 singles becoming one!

Straight pins

E6000 glue or hot glue

For a suspended letter wreath you will also need a large wooden or chipboard letter and beading wire

For a banner wreath you will need wooden (or heavy paper) pennants, lettering ( I use different fonts on the Cricut) and twine or beading wire.

Begin by wrapping your base material all around your wreath form.

Once that is done wrap a portion of the wreath with the contrast material or ribbon.

You can add a bow directly across from the contrast, if you like.

If you are doing a banner wreath- I painted my pennants, which I got from Michael’s.with a base color I wanted to peek out, then coated with crackle coat (man, I love crackle coat) then covered in my secondary color. After they crackled I sanded them for an even more worn look. I then added the initials (or date) of the celebrant.

This one was a baby shower gift – The wreath matched the shower and nursery theme.


This was for a wedding- the colors/theme were burlap and turquoise. The “lady” is the card- I will make a totally separate post on the Julie Nutting stamps!


For the suspended letter(or anything else) here are some clear step by step pics…

We wrapped the wreath form in the burlap and accented it with a teal-ish wired ribbon from Hobby Lobby The chipboard B was covered in coordinating buttons with E6000 and we drilled 4 holes in it- 1 in each “corner”.


We threaded the flex wire thru the holes and tied very tight double knots then tied the ends around the wreath form. We did this with all 4 corners. It gives the look of the letter just suspended in midair in the middle of the wreath.

             IMG_8780.JPG   IMG_8781.JPG   IMG_8779.JPG

I folded the $1 bills at into a “heart” shape(I’m no good at origami) and pinned them to the very top of the wreath.

IMG_8783.JPG  Then I began the $2 bills around the wreath. You kind of fold/crumple the bills into a nice shape and pin them, overlapping all the way around. I like to only cover about 2/3 of the wreath, especially if you have an accent bow on the side.

                                  IMG_8785   IMG_8786

Almost done…just one more thing to add….


Et Voila- the completed project- The Bible vers – genesis 2:24 And the two shall become one…I printed it out as a wallet size from and designed it on


What kind of unique gifts do you like to make? If you make a cash wreath share your pics with me!!




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